Pre-Paid Legal Membership Leads

Our Pre-Paid Legal membership leads are generated with one word in mind: Quality. This is our #1 focus.

To ensure that the quality of our leads is never compromised the leads are generated solely through search engines; we donít use any banner or pop-up advertisements, e-mails, or other intrusive forms of advertising. This allows us to control who does and does not make it to our site to submit his/her contact information. Although as a result of this filtering process we generate fewer leads than most companies, we donít mind. We prefer it this way because this allows us to weed out those individuals who are searching for free advice or legal aid. The leads youíll receive are individuals who are pro-actively seeking legal information and rather than expecting a free consultation or a call from a lawyer, they will be anxious to hear back from you.

How contact information is collected and sent to you

After having searched for legal plans and landing at our site, those individuals who would like to learn more about Pre-Paid Legal will fill out a form containing her/his contact information. This form notifies the individual that in order to qualify for this service they must have a savings account, checking account, or credit card. The forms of those who state that they have no means of paying for the service will be filtered out. All leads that you will receive will come from individuals who have stated that they can pay for the service. This, along with their contact information, is the information that youíll receive in a lead.

All leads are delivered to you in real-time and are sent directly to your e-mail address. Each lead also includes an auto-response which is sent to the prospect informing them that youíve received their information and will be contacting them shortly. Below is a sample copy of this auto-response.

Brian, I want to get you that legal information you requested


I'm getting back to you because you requested more information on the internet about our legal services.
I will be calling or e-mailing you soon so I can show you how we can help you. If you'd like the information more quickly, you can call me at Toll Free 1-888-xxx-xxxx.
If I'm not in, leave me a message with the best time to return your call. I look forward to talking with you.
All the best,

- Tom Smith
Toll Free 1-888-xxx-xxxx

P.S. You can also find out more by visiting my web site at


In addition to sending leads to your e-mail address, we also have an online contact management system which you can access through our website. After youíve placed a lead order youíll receive your own username and password which will help you log into your personal client account. Once logged in, youíll be able to view a full list of all leads that youíve received. Through this system you can make notes on each individual lead, track each leadís progress, and better manage and prioritize your leads and the time spent on each of them.

How long have we been doing this?

Weíve been generating high quality legal leads for almost four years now and many of our customers have been with us since the beginning. We keep our company smaller so that we can retain a good relationship with our buyers and verify that everythingís going well. If thereís a concern or a question thereís always someone here to receive your call during business hours.

We are confident that you will notice a difference if you choose to buy our leads. We understand that your investment of both time and money is valuable and we want to make sure that you receive a high return on it.

How to order or get more information

If you are interested in our legal leads and would like additional information, you may either fill our information request form or contact us directly at:


Find out for yourself what sets our leads apart!


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